An illustration (line drawing) of Himeji Castle in Japan, made up of thin red lines.
An illustration (line drawing) of a lagoon in Uyuni, Bolivia, made up of green lines and shapes for the grass, pink flamingos, blue water ripples and grey stones and mountains.
An illustration (line drawing) of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, USA, made up of green mounds and trees, a green radio mast and grey Hollywood sign.
An illustration (line drawing) of two wrestlers in a wrestling ring in La Paz, Bolivia, made up of grey and red lines, and green and blue shapes.
An illustration (line drawing) of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, made up of orange shapes and lines for people, green lines and shapes for Christ, and a blue sky.
An illustration (line drawing) of a donkey carrying large canisters in Cocora Valley, Colombia, made up of green leaves and plants, brown trees and a grey building and donkey shadow.
An illustration (line drawing) of a rice field being ploughed in Bali, Indonesia, made up of red toned plants, trees and fields, a red man and plough and pink clouds.

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Travel Sketches

Travel Sketches, a side project combining my passions of travelling and art/illustration, is an accumulation of digital drawings created on various apps, and further edited via Illustrator for physical printing.