An illustration of different, brightly coloured origami cranes arranged in an oval shape.
An illustration of a Godzilla head in green atop a tower in a district of Tokyo, Japan, with blue people, signs and buildings below.
An illustration of people with umbrellas on a zebra crossing in front of a car, in Tokyo, Japan, composed of grey shapes and outlines.
An illustration of people walking along a cobbled path to a shrine in Kyoto, Japan, with pink trees in the background, and composed of various orange and red tones.
An illustration of a man walking away from the viewer down a narrow, cobbled back street in Tokyo, Japan, with a pink banner above his head, and some pink flowers hanging from the buildings on the right.

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Sketches of Japan (1)

An offshoot of my travel sketches series, Sketches of Japan (1) is a collection of digital drawings created whilst app-sketching and travelling around Japan. Ideas were further edited in Illustrator and Photoshop for physical print reproductions.