An illustration consisting of abstract shapes and complimentary colours.
An illustration of a sugar skull in Mexican Day of the Dead style, with a red rose on the forehead and flowers above the eyes and on the chin.
An illustration of an elephant composed of a mix of circles, ovals, wavy and curved shapes, with a blue/green colour scheme and a red spot on the shoulder.
An illustration of a head (face on) with paint like splashes of pink tones filling it, and the letters 'K' and 'B' in blue in the central eye area.
An illustration of a bird composed of circles and wavy lines, filled with various colours, mainly creams and pinks.
An image of the 'Abergavenny Now' logo, with the letter 'A' sitting on top of the letter 'N', enclosed by a green towerhead shaped logomark.
An illustration consisting of abstract geometric shapes and complimentary colours.
An illustration (line drawing) of Himeji Castle in Japan, made up of thin red lines.

Hello! I'm George, a visual designer and artist specialising in illustration, logo and web design, based in Oxfordshire, England.

I'm on a constant search for new and exciting projects to help out with.

If you have a project, and believe we could work together, please feel free to send an email over using the envelope link below.

If you'd like to see more of my work, find out more about me, or get in contact via other avenues, please check out the links at the top and bottom of the page.

Thanks for visiting!